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Volcon FAQs

Do I need a license or registration to ride my Brat in Australia?

No! The Brat is a E-Bike so no license or registration is needed Australia wide.

What is the warranty on my Brat?

Volcon offers a one-year, unlimited warranty covering factory defects from workmanship
and material issues on the Brat.

The Brat battery has a two-year warranty.

Can the Brat be ridden both on-road and off-road?

Unlike some other e-bikes, the Brat is built for on- and
off-road riding. With speeds of 45 Kph (when off-road mode is unlocked), the
adventures are practically limitless. The integrated LED headlight and
taillight means the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the sun goes down.

What is the battery life on the Brat?

The Brat battery will maintain 60% or higher capacity for at least 500 charge

Howlong does the Brat take to charge?

The Brat is powered by a 48V battery that can be fully
charged in 6-7 hours via Level 1 charging through a standard 250v Australian
household outlet.

How far can I ride my Brat on a single charge?

With up to 100 Kilometres of riding fun on a single charge
in Mode 1 ( Legel E-bike pedal assist), the Brat provides enough range to
empower your adventure and get you back home. The range is 50+ Kilometres in
Modes 2-4 (throttle assist) but like any E-Bike, this will vary on riders
weights and terrain.

What maintenance is needed on the Brat?

There is very little maintenance needed on the Brat, just
charge and maintain the battery level. Tire pressure should be checked often
and set at 20-30 PSI. The chain should be cleaned and lubed regularly
especially after wading through water. Brakes and tire tread should be
regularly checked. Otherwise, no maintenance is needed.

Will I be able to power additional electronics using the Brat?

Will I be able to power additional electronics using the

Can I put different tires on my Brat?

The tires on your Brat were designed especially for these
vehicles. The size is 20 inches by 4.0 inches. They are low rolling resistance
tires suitable for mixed terrain use and can be purchased at any EMG Stockist
or  on our website.

Can I ride with a passenger on my Brat?

No. The Brat is made for the operator just like a true Cafe racer. A passenger
should not be carried on the Brat.

Can the Brat be ridden in water/snow/mud?

The Brat is IP54 rated and is water resistant but cannot
wade through excessive water or snow. Wading through water forcibly when the water level exceeds 10 CM in depth may cause electrical components to short

What is the Brat’s weight limit?

The maximum weight for rider and cargo combined is 155 Kgs

What documentation comes with the Brat?

Every Brat has a unique serial number on the bike as well as a Quick Start guide and free Volcon App.

What if I need storage while enjoying my ride on the Brat?

We got you covered. The Brat’s integrated locking storage
is built for items like a phone, gloves or hat. It includes a USB charger so you
don’t have to worry that your phone’s battery is running low while using it on
your ride.

Lyric Cycles FAQs

What is the Range of the Graffti ?

With both battery options, you can expect a full day or weeks commuting with over 130 kilometers plus range! The Graffiti has been specifically designed for touring far and wide.

Why is the Carbon belt drive better than a traditional chain drive?

It's much smoother, virtually maintenance free, quicker so saves servicing cost for years as it requires no minimal cleaning or chain lubrication and provides greater efficiency which means greater range, performance and speed with much less peddling effort.

Is the Graffiti designed for two Adults?

Yes, it really is! with the most comfortable padded seat in its class and rear footpegs as standard this is a true. two persons Ebike designed to take all your gear too with the optional saddle bags.

Do i need a license or registration to ride my Graffiti in Australia?

No you do not. The Australian version meets the E-bike standard Australia wide and comes to you restricted to ensure your E-Bike is legal Australia wide out the box.

What's the top speed?

All Graffiti's are delivered with limited locked settings to meet Australian standard. These do vary from state to state but you must be able to propel your Graffito E=Bike as the soul means of power and not exceed 25 Kph in most states with limited throttle access.

Can I unlock the advertised top speed of 55 Kph and all 9 power settings with throttle?

Yes, you can. The 1000w of power provides a top speed of 55 Kph with 9 power settings to provide the full performance of the Graffiti.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users must sign and agree to our waiver that the Graffiti can only be used in these power setting on private property land only. Any use of this product is illegal on public roads and will not be covered by EMG in any way.

* see product unlock legal agreement before purchase

Before I buy, where can I check my Australian states E-Bike laws?

These do vairy from state to state in Australia so we encourage you to familiarize yourself prior to purchase.

However, all Lyric Cycles Graffiti E-bike do meet the minimum Australian E-bike standards out the box.

Do I need duel battery options?

Thats up to you on order. The Graffiti has been designed as the Ultimate Fat Tyre touring bike. Nothing else comes even close with a real range of over 130 kilometers.

Featuring duel live battery ports as standard, this doubles your range, without doubling your budget. You can always have one fully charged at home ready to go or fit both for a full weekends adventurer when the rest stop.

What accessories do you offer? I need to take a lot of gear with me

We got you covered! Just look at our accessory page and you be confident that dual water-resistant saddle bags, will meet most of your needs.

Why does the Graffiti have such a bright LED headlight? available

Lyric Cycles believes that your enjoyment should be 24/7 and with the one of the brightest headlights available at over 3000 limerent, with 12 LED headlight you're riding experience will be enjoyed not only day but all night long too! plus light up your nighttime BBQ just for fun too.

The Lyric Graffiti is equipped with a tail light/brake light, a hibeam and low-beam headlight, and daytime running lights. The taillight and daytime running lights can be turned on by pressing and holding the assist level up button for 2 seconds (when
the bike is powered on first). These lights help to provide additional visibility to the bike for your safety and are recommended
both day and night.

What is the warranty on my Lyric Cycles Graffiti ?

1 year with a 2 year warranty on your battery from date of delivery.

Caofen FAQs

Where can I ride my Caofen F80?

The F80 is most comfortable on backcountry Trails, (hence its name) Dirt bike circuits tracks or Private property use.

Note: Always check with your local council’s regulations first. Just because the F80 can does necessarily not mean you can legally.

How will my Caofen F80 change my riding lifestyle?

Going electric has so many advantages. You can wake up early, and ride late without any noise pollution issues so you will remain neighbour friendly. This means more riding time outside of the heat where it is often the most fun to ride and where noise restraints can be an issue.

Is the Caofen F80 Trail Street Legal?

No – it’s a backcountry off-road use or Circut trail bike tracks only.

Note: private property use only.

Is the Caofen F80 Tarmac Street Legal?

Yes – The F80 Tarmac is fully street-legal in all states of Australia. You can ride it on a LAMS legal motorbike license.

Note: The F80 Tarmac is currently undergoing ADR approval and is expected in 2024

Do I need a motorcycle license to ride the Caofen F80 Trail?

No – the Trail is for off-road only but we do recommend training as it’s a very powerful bike and packs a punch!

Note Always wear full safety gear when riding.

Is this product addictive in any way?

Yes, after one use you may find you can’t think about anything else, and waking up early, after work, or all weekend to ride may be all you think about. Rest assured it’s a very healthy sport!

Spare Parts

Where can I get spare parts?

Directly from us or from your local Australia dealer. We aim to keep the most part in stock and can ship within 48 hours.

Are you selling Direct to Consumer?

Yes we do. However, we encourage you to visit your local stockist first as they will have on hand stock and are experts in all EMG products.


How long is my Warranty?

EMG provide a comprehensive 1 year warranty that can be provided by your point of sale stockist or direct from EMG if purchased direct.

See your products warranty for further details as these can change from product to product.

How long is my Battery warranty?

Our brands offer a 2-year battery and chargers warranty.

Note: Check your individual products warranty as these may differ from product to product.


Is Shipping included in the price on check out?

Yes - we provide free shipping on all orders over $200 to Australian metro areas.

If your shipping location falls outside what we considered a metro area our team will call you to find the most cost-effective way of delivery at your cost.

Can I pick my Bike up?

You can! Simply call our stockist and they will have your bike ready for collection when ready.

I don't have an EMG stockist in my area yet. How can I get my bike?

Simply order on our website and we will ship the bike directly to you.

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Electric + Going Green

I know going Green is cool but why?

Going Electric has far less impact on disturbing our native wildlife and of course, is 100% environmentally friendly without polluting the environment with oil and fuel pollution.

How does Electric performance differ from my Petrol Dirt bike?

Instant torque without the need for gear changes is the first impressive change you will find addictive. With just tire, and chain noise you will be far more emersed in your backcountry environment allowing you to focus and enjoy the ride.

I keep hearing that Electric is much cheaper because I will not need regular expensive servicing or to buy petrol and oil. Is this true?

Yes – we have been able to price the F80 competitively to that of a 125-200cc Trail bike so you will never need to do oil, spark plug, or any major IC service. Forget the rising cost of oil and petrol! Just plug and play. In fact, over just 100 hours of use, your F80 electric has paid for itself and become cheaper than your Petrol dirt bike and the savings keep going.

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