Graffiti Sargeant

$4,999.00 AUD

Licence Category: Ebike



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The Lyric Cycles Graffiti is not just another electric bike. It's the world's first Carbon belt drive, a Fat tire street-legal two-seater e-bike! It's a lot to take in we agree and that's why it's going to completely revolutionize your life this Australian summer.  

With Its industry-leading belt drive system you'll enjoy faster acceleration, in a whisper-quiet drive train that requires none of the usual chain maintenance drawbacks.  

It was thoughtfully and meticulously designed to harmoniously blend high-performance components with modern sustainable technology and eye-catching designs.

For the long leisurely cruises, the Graffiti has the range to go the distance. For the quick commutes, the Graffiti will get you there fast. Two’s company?

The Graffiti will comfortably accommodate you both and has been designed for two full-size humans in comfort and comes standard with rear folding footpegs with your co-pilot. 

Want to go really far? simply add a due battery pack and double the range to an astonishing industry-leading 120 kilometers of range on a single charge!!!. 

Plus, this eco and wallet-friendly electric bike is remarkably low maintenance.



Front wheel (rear wheel)

Front Tyre: 120/70/17 | Rear Tyre: 180/55/17

Battery capacity

52V, 20ah (1040 Wh) with 21700 Samsung 50E cells, rated for 1000 charge cycles Optional Dual Battery 52V 2 x 20ah

Rated power | Max. Power

1000W (2300W peak) * Limited for 500w NSW / 250w.

Max. range

120 Kilometers @ 25km/h with dual battery

Max. Speed

50+ Kph - Limited to 25 Kph in Mode 1 and 2 peddle assist no throttle

Front shock absorption stroke

Yes - Duel

Ground clearance

APT 860c Display. Smart display with Rangle, speed display, trip meter and so much more.

Vehicle Weight

26 kilograms without battery. The lightest bike in its class by far!

Max. load (single person)


0-100% Charging Time

4 hours