Brat Surf Blue

$4,900.00 AUD
By Volcon

Licence Category: Ebike


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The Brat is not your typical e-bike, it goes wherever you want to go. From off-road adventures in comfort with both front and rear suspension to slipping through busy traffic, or traversing the city, the Brat will get you there in Syles, comfort, and provides exhilarating performance. With unique features such as a lockable storage tank for a beach towel, a drink bottle to keep you hydrated on your adventures, and USB charger for your smart device to keep your smart device fully charged! 

Front wheel (rear wheel)

Laced - 20"x4" (tubed)

Battery capacity

48V 15.6Ah Removable Battery, with Locking Feature

Rated power | Max. Power

500w Limited for legal road use| Max Power:1000w offroad only

Max. range

110 kilometers in Mode 1 Peddle assist ( 50 kilometers in Modes 2-4 Offroad mode * Private property use

Max. Speed


Front shock absorption stroke

Inverted Telescoping Adjustable Forks with rear single shock absorber

Ground clearance

4” LED Color Display, Bluetooth Connected and Controlled via IPad. Speed read out in MPH

Vehicle Weight


Max. load (single person)


0-100% Charging Time

6-7 Hours via Level 1 Charging