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Distinctive Design

Built like a motorcycle, the Brat leaves typical e-Bikes in the dust with its truly unique design. Developed with the iconic Volcon exo-arch frame that utilizes the same design language as Volcon’s Grunt and Stag, the Brat really stands out from the crowd. Zip around the city, or cruise along trails and discover new spots; the Brat is designed for commuters and explorers.

NOTE: The Volcon Brat is a Legal Ebike in all Australian states. Limited to 500w (NSW) 250w in all other states capped at 25 Kph. and requires no licence or registration. 

To unlock the full power users simply download the free Volcon App from the app store and the app will unlock the full 750W and 50 KPH top speed with twist throttle after users agree to the private property use waiver.